Though established in 1999, a local band has resurfaced lately with a burst of talent and newfound chemistry. The Mason Lovette Band, started by college classmates Matt Lovette and Michael Sudyk, has become a staple at local and other venues across the state.
Steadily touring since its conception, the band has solidified its lineup with Bryan Windsor on drums and backup vocals, Billy Hatley on bass, Billy Faucette on keyboard, organ and backup vocals, and Clint Rhodes on lead guitar, banjo and vocals.
The dueling assault of Sudyk and Rhodes drives the band’s sound that is capped by the magnetic Lovette up front. Whether pitch perfect covers or new takes on once reverent classics, the Mason Lovette treatment has become a requested fixture throughout the triangle.
With their growing fan base in tow, the band quickly converts first timers as well. MLB, in short, creates and conveys a sense of the collective in their enthralling performances. New and popular country covers as well as classics plucked from every genre are sure to inject energy and across the board excitement to any event.
The feeling of ‘being in this together’ that Lovette creates on stage is unique and immensely entertaining. Coupled with this charisma, the band’s wall of sound refuses to be ignored and dares to share the instrumentation among all members.
MLB’s brand of harmony is homegrown and only stems from night after night in dimly lit barrooms. To see this payoff in their live performances is refreshing and exciting.
Ready to party? Then a Mason Lovette Band show guarantees a rocking good time that you will never forget!!!


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